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 to BoJaynes Groovin-Gourmet Lunch Bag Service. With this service we partner with local businesses and private & charter schools to deliver healthy, delicious and fresh meals to students, staff and workers. At BoJaynes, we know that what you consume has a major impact on your learning capabilities and your energy levels. Our goal is to give schools the opportunity to eat a wide variety of natural and great tasting foods, while they learn and teach.  We also cater this lunch bag service to local businesses to receive the same benefits as they work hard all day.

Each program is set up differently to benefit all who join.

To get started with this great program, send us an email at and let us get started on getting your students , staff and workers on the right track for lunch.

Please Note: This is not a catering service. For catering please click catering button and someone will be glad to help you!

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