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All of our In House Spices and Teas are Hand Blended with the perfect amount of Love in measures and balance to give any of your dishes the perfect flavor it needs. We only create our blends in small batches using only the best ingredients. We serve 4,6 and 8 oz portion of our spices. With the growing demand of people cooking at home BoJaynes is here to make your cooking just a little bit easier offering our custom blends. Our new line of Signature Blends that will make your dish stand out from the rest. From collard Greens to more complex cooking we have a blend for you. So don't worry about creating your next meal just give us a call. 

Non GMO and full bodied spices and blends is what we aim for with a dash of freshness on top. 

We also offer Custom Blends and Gift Boxes!

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